February 23, 2022

David Worley, candidate for Idaho Senate in District 29, held a campaign kickoff event on Monday at the Bannock County Veterans Memorial Building in Pocatello.  Close to a hundred supporters of Worley’s campaign attended the event.

Worley spoke to the crowd for almost forty minutes, beginning his remarks by explaining the difference between liberals and leftists.  While, he said, we argue with the liberal about policy, the leftist believes that “the power of the government should be used to force you to do what they believe.”

Encouraging those involved in the fight to preserve liberty, Worley said that they must steel themselves for the battle, noting that anyone who stands for the Constitution must expect to be called names, such as, “extremist.”  These attacks, he said, would be leveled at all who are perceived to be threats to the establishment, especially candidates who will vote on principle.

Worley discussed some of the major issues facing Idaho and the nation, including state sovereignty, medical freedom, economic freedom, and school choice.

He called for a medical bill of rights, which would ensure that doctors and patients make medical decisions for individuals, not the government, corporations, or social media.

“I will always seek to lower the tax burden on the people of Idaho,” Worley said, addressing the issue of economic freedom.  “I will always seek to lower the regulatory burden on the people of Idaho.”

Addressing school choice, Worley said, “If we fail here, nothing else will matter.”  “We need to stop funding systems and start funding children and families.  Funds must follow the child to any institution or program of that family’s choice.”

To learn more about the David Worley for Idaho Senate campaign, visit:  David Worley 4 Idaho, FB

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