March 13, 2022

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is warning against gun control measures buried in a 2,741-page spending bill released in the dead of night and passed by the House later that day.  They list the 39 Republican Congressmen who supported the bill, including Idaho’s Mike Simpson.

GOA notes two gun control measures included in the bill; a worsening of background check rules and the co-opting of local law enforcement to enforce ATF gun control.

With respect to background checks, GOA says, “Nine out of ten times, when someone is denied a gun purchase by the NICS system, it’s a law-abiding citizen who was wrongly denied their right to purchase a firearm. 

Because the vast majority of NICS denials each year are false positives, the government gets less than a few dozen convictions of prohibited persons stupid enough to try to buy a gun at a gun store. 

Even so, Congress seems intent on passing the NICS Denial Notification Act which instructs ATF to help local law enforcement launch CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS into each NICS denial—including all false-positive denials. 

So, if this passes, you better hope the NICS system doesn’t falsely deny you your next gun purchase!”

Regarding the latter provision, GOA said, “Additionally, the government spending bill’s Section 1103 also contains funding for ATF to begin deputizing local law enforcement officers to enforce federal gun control laws.  ATF can also appoint local government attorneys to help prosecute the enforcement of this gun control as well. 

This runs in direct contradiction to the Second Amendment Sanctuary laws that GOA has been pushing around the country at the state and local level.”

To learn more, visit:

House of Representatives Passes Gun Control to Override State 2A Sanctuary Laws


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