March 25, 2022

Veterans Property Tax Reduction Benefit

Greg and Marcie Cates

By:  Greg Cates, Candidate for Bannock County Assessor

100% Service-Connected Disabled Veterans have a property tax benefit in Idaho, but the deadline for obtaining it is fast approaching.

April 18 is the deadline to obtain the Veterans Property Tax Reduction benefit, which reduces property taxes for qualified 100% service-connected disabled veterans.  If you qualify, the property taxes on your home and up to one acre of land may be reduced by as much as $1,500, and there is no income limit.

Surviving spouses can use the benefit, but it is not transferrable to a new property after the death of a veteran.

Here is how to qualify and to apply:


You may qualify for Veterans Property Tax Reduction in 2022 if both of these apply:

1. You are recognized as a 100% service-connected disabled veteran or receive 100% compensation due to individual unemployability by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as of January 1, 2022,

2. You owned and lived in a home in Idaho that was your primary residence before April 15, 2022.

The property must have a current homeowner’s exemption.  The home can be a mobile home.

Note: You could qualify if you lived in a care facility or nursing home.  Contact your county assessor’s office for information.


Contact your county assessor for an application.

Get a current letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs confirming your 100% service-connected disability rating or your 100% compensation due to individual unemployability as of January 1, 2022.

Complete the application. The assessor’s office will help you. You must file the application with your assessor’s office between January 1 and April 18, 2022.


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