(April 21, 2022)

Yesterday, Pocatello for Accountable Government Entities (a local, grassroots group whose purpose is “to encourage civic involvement, to share relevant data and information, to discuss the issues, and to plan for action to create effective accountability that seeks to ensure responsible spending within our various taxing entities”) shared a post on their Facebook page clarifying that it is legal for Idahoans to hold different elected offices at the same time.

 The P.A.G.E. post reads: “Recently, P.A.G.E. has had multiple inquiries as to whether individuals within Idaho may hold two elected offices at the same time.  The question has arisen from the fact that State Legislative candidate Richard ‘Rick’ Cheatum, currently serving a four-year term on the Pocatello City Council, is also now running for District 28 State Representative, Position A.

“We contacted Bannock elections and then confirmed with Councilman Cheatum today that there are no prohibitions against holding these two offices concurrently (one a State Legislative office, the other a City office) and that if he is elected to the Legislature, it is his intention to serve in both elected positions.
“This is information we have not seen provided in any other forum, article or announcement and we believe it is relevant information for voters to be aware of.”

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