April 23, 2022

Conservative candidates for state and local offices were the big winners in straw polls conducted at last night’s Bonneville County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner.

After the dinner, at which radio talk show host Larry Elder was the featured speaker, a straw poll was held that allowed those attending to vote on their preferred candidate for a number of races.

Results for state offices and congressional positions included:

U.S. Congress:  Bryan Smith, 80%, vs. Flint L. Christensen, 12%, vs. Mike Simpson, 7%

U.S. Senate:  Scott Trotter 75%, vs. Mike Crapo, 22%, vs. Natalie M. Fleming, 3%

Governor:  Janice McGeachin, 85%, vs. Brad Little, 9%, vs. Ed Humphries, 7%

Lt. Governor:  Priscilla Giddings, 86%, vs. Scott Bedke, 10%, vs. Daniel J. Gasiorowski, 5%

Secretary of State:  Dorothy Moon, 89%, vs. Phil McGrane, 8%, vs. Mary Souza, 4%

Attorney General:  Raul Labrador, 91% vs. Art Macomber, 6%, vs. Lawrence Wasden, 3%

Supt. of Public Instruction:  Branden Durst, 82%, vs. Debbie Critchfield, 11%, vs. Sherri Ybarra, 7%

The straw poll results for Idaho legislative races impacting Bannock County were also blowouts.  In the race for Idaho Legislative District 35A, Kevin Andrus polled 86% against opponent Jon Goode with 14%.  For Idaho Legislative District 35B State Representative, Chad Christensen garnered 83% of the vote vs. 17% for Scott Wheeler.  The winner of the straw poll for Idaho Senate District 35 was Doug Toomer, with 87% vs. Mark Harris with 13%.

To learn more about the Bonneville County GOP, visit:  Bonneville County GOP, FB

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