(May 4, 2022)

Pocatello for Accountable Government Entities, a local government watchdog group, sent each local candidate a questionnaire to inquiring about their qualifications for the position they seek, and their priorities if elected.  P.A.G.E. is posting each candidates’ responses on its Facebook page.

On Monday, P.A.G.E. published Bannock County Commissioner Candidate John Crowder’s responses to a list of questions focused primarily on budget and tax issues.  On the topic of County spending, Crowder pointed out that the current commissioners voted to increase the 2022 FY budget by 26%, and signed an open-ended agreement with the Biden administration to enforce compliance with “all…executive orders” in exchange for ARPA funding.  He also explained that it is disingenuous to blame all of Bannock County’s tax increase on the state legislature, saying “Higher property taxes are the result of various factors, with many actors having a degree of responsibility.  Unfunded mandates from the Idaho legislature, improper valuation resulting in a tax shift from commercial to residential property, unequal property valuation, and County spending all contribute to higher taxes…the Commissioners…must take more responsibility for and more efficiently manage County spending, for which they bear direct responsibility.”  When questioned about his relevant experience, Crowder pointed to his broad experience in managing large and small businesses, both in government and the private sector, as well as his extensive education.

The complete questionnaire can be read on P.A.G.E.’s Facebook page, here.

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