May 4, 2022

President Donald Trump and Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin

Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, in her race to become Idaho’s next governor, has been promoting her, “Conservative Vision for a Free and Prosperous Idaho” as she travels around the state.

The ten-point plan reads:

  1. Health Freedom
    • End medical tyranny
      • Prohibit medical mandates
      • Prohibit experimental vaccines on our children
    • Implement affordable free-market alternatives to Obamacare
    • Investigate all arrests and enforcement actions for violating Little’s lockdown
    • Return the money that Idahoans were fined for violating Little’s lockdown
    • Rein in abusive overreach by CPS that violates constitutional and parental rights
  2. Election Integrity
    • Continue supporting a 50-state audit of the 2020 election
    • Make Idaho a model state for election integrity
      • Enact strict voter ID requirements
      • Ensure accurate voter lists
      • Guarantee Idahoans the right to vote in person
      • Adopt tamper-proof paper ballots
      • Prohibit federal interference in Idaho elections
  3. Idaho’s Economy
    • Support small businesses
      • Recognize that ALL businesses are essential
      • Eliminate the corporate income tax
      • Prioritize Idaho businesses in state contracts
      • Support family farms
    • Fight corporate cronyism and corruption
      • Eliminate special interest tax incentives
      • Enforce state procurement laws
      • End pension spiking
      • Adopt “revolving door” policy (lobbyist cooling period)
    • Reduce taxes and regulations
      • Reduce unemployment taxes
      • Eliminate sales tax on groceries
      • Reduce property taxes
        • Reduce unfunded mandates on local government
        • Restrict the growth of local budgets
      • Reduce occupational licensing mandates
  4. Constitutional Rights
    • Defend freedom of speech against “cancel culture”
    • Protect the right to worship freely
    • Uphold the right to keep and bear arms
      • Make Idaho a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary State”
        • Oppose all forms of “red flag laws”
        • Defend the presumption of innocence in self-defense cases
        • Prevent the enforcement of unconstitutional federal gun laws
      • Incentivize the increased production of firearms and ammo in Idaho
  5. State Sovereignty
    • Reduce Idaho’s financial dependence on federal dollars
    • Eliminate administrative rules that conflict with Idaho’s constitution or statutes
    • Productively manage Idaho lands
  6. Energy Independence
    • Encourage responsible development of rare earth minerals
    • Encourage expanded research at INL to promote the development of safe and renewable energy resources
    • Reopen the University of Idaho School of Mines
    • Oppose breaching dams
  7. Military and Defense
    • Defend our National Guard against being called up to fight in undeclared wars
    • Remove vaccine mandates for National Guard
    • Support our veterans
    • Establish a State Guard under Idaho control to aid in border defense and riot control
  8. Office of the Governor
    • Restore the constitutional balance of power within the Executive Branch
    • Implement an Idaho-First customer service model for all state agencies
    • Revise executive emergency powers to prevent protracted declarations of emergency
  9. Education
    • Support expanded opportunities for school choice
    • Fix Idaho’s public school curriculum
      • Eliminate all trace of Common Core
      • Return to the basics of education
        • Reading, writing, and arithmetic
        • American civics
        • Idaho history
      • Remove CRT and other Marxist elements
    • Prioritize skills-based training
  10. Traditional Conservative Values
    • Defend the right to life
      • Recognize that life begins at conception
      • Encourage the overturn of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey
      • Support legislative efforts to curtail and restrict abortion
    • Defend children against abusive medical procedures
    • Protect children from obscene materials and unlawful sex education in public schools
    • Support parental rights

To learn more about McGeachin’s campaign, visit: Janice McGeachin for Idaho Governor – Proven, Conservative Leadership (


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