(City of Pocatello Press Release, May 10, 2022)

During a news conference today, Pocatello Police Chief Roger Schei gave an update on the two Pocatello Police Department (PPD) officers injured in the line of duty May 5, 2022.

Officer Mackenzie Handel, a member of PPD for four years, has been released from the hospital. He was injured in the abdomen, and he is currently recovering at home with members of his family.



Officer Demetrius Amos, a member of PPD for six years, is currently at an area hospital. He sustained an injury to his abdomen, as well as an injury to his face and neck. The shot to his face went down through his neck and into his chest.

“It was a pretty brutal injury, so for him to be able to recover from that and be where he is right now, is nothing short of a miracle,” said Schei in regards to Amos’ injuries.



In total, there were 19 Pocatello Police Officers at the scene, five of which were trainees. Each trainee is assigned to an officer. The trainees have been with the department for approximately two months, and May 5 marked their third day of in field training.

Also during the incident, PPD had four dispatchers on the call working behind the scenes.

“All of these people kept their composure in the face of adversity, and their actions from the reports I have read and video I have seen are nothing short of heroic.” Schei goes on to say, “They are the bravest of the brave, from the dispatchers who took the call and stayed on the phone during the incident to the officers who responded.”

The suspect, Todd Brewer, has not been released and his status is unknown.




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