May 16, 2022

An article on the Magic Valley Liberty Alliance website entitled, ‘Globalism vs. State Sovereignty – The Choice is Yours on Tuesday,’ lays out the stakes in tomorrow’s election.

The article begins by outlining the seriousness of the issue.  It reads, “Are you ready for Idaho to go “woke,” be forced to wear masks, get fully vaccinated and become a good global citizen?  If not, I encourage you to go vote on Tuesday May 17th and bring 10 of your like-minded friends to do the same.  Idaho is in a perfect storm and if citizens don’t wake up by Tuesday May 17th, they will pay dearly over the next four years and beyond.

Later in the article, specific actions moving Idaho toward globalism are addressed, along with an analysis of candidates for Idaho State offices.

You can read the article, here:  Globalism vs. State Sovereignty: YOU decide on May 17 – MVLA (


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