May 20, 2022

I note that the press seems to have very little understanding of what it means to be a Constitutional American.  Kootenai County voted differently than did the rest of the state of Idaho.  Generally, the people of Kootenai County supported very conservative candidates who recognize America is a Republic and who support reliance on the U.S. Constitution.

I think much of the credit goes to the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee which has worked hard to open the eyes of many voters who did not get involved in politics in the past.  They have helped them see that if we continue on our present path, we will soon be a country of tyrannical measures.

America is at a crossroads.  We must elect representatives all over the country who place America first, and who work to support the U.S. Constitution.  Many people are thankful to receive government handouts, but neglect to recognize that at some point we have to pay for such handouts.

The fact that Southern Idaho voted for Governor Little and others shows how much difference there is between the north and the south


Jim Hollingsworth                                                                                                          Coeur d’Alene


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