May 23, 2022

The organizers of the 2nd annual Pocatello Strength & Fitness Fest have announced the addition of a ruck march to the event schedule.

The description of the event reads:

Who’s ready to race?!… Ruck Race, that is?


This event has 3 options, roughly 5 miles, 12 miles, and 26 miles.

These events will not be on a track, so participants may end up with a little more or less mileage than the target distance.

Weight requirements for the ruck are based on participant weight:

* under 150 lbs – 20 lbs ruck weight

* over 150 lbs – 30 lbs ruck weight

Weights need to be non-consumable items (steel plate, sand-pill, etc)

All rucks will be weighed at the beginning and end of the event.

Participants are moving at their own pace, with a specific time hack for each distance.

Beginning times for the events are as follows:

5 mile : 2:00pm 12 mile: 12:00 noon 26 mile: 5:00am

Cut off time for all routes will be 5:00pm, protecting Freedom of Speech for Conservatives in Idaho

Participants will be allowed to have other people assist with re-supply of water and food during the event, although they must carry their own weight for the duration of the event.

Each route will have specific locations participants will reach and take a picture as specified in the route details and send to the event organizers. Routes will be published in advance for participants to familiarize themselves with.

All who complete their route in the time allowed will receive the finishers patch!

Lastly, the proceeds from this event will benefit the local Pocatello AMVETS!

We hope to see you come out.

For more information, or to sign up, visit:  Pocatello Ruck March, 2022


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