May 28, 2022

Bannock County Republican Party Chair Char Tovey leads County GOP Reorganization Meeting (Photo Credit: Farhana Hibbert)


On Thursday, May 26, the recently elected precinct committeemen of the Bannock County GOP met to select new officers and delegates for the GOP State Convention.

Leading the Bannock County Republicans will be:

  • Chair:  Char Tovey
  • State Committeeman:  Craig Yadon
  • State Committeewoman:  LaQueta Morgan
  • 1st Vice Chair:  Jeff Hough
  • 2nd Vice Chair:  Darschelle Chandler
  • Secretary:  Jeremy Porter
  • Treasurer:  Georgia Hagler
  • PC 1:  Bill Downs
  • PC 2:  Verna Walker
  • PC 3:  Max Shaffer
  • PC 4:  Brody Holyoak

Also elected were 27 delegates to represent the Bannock County Republicans at the State GOP Convention to be held from July 14-16 in Twin Falls.

For more information about the Bannock County GOP, visit: Bannock County GOP, FB


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