June 1, 2022

Anita Hymas and Greg Cates work at the ballot resolution table, June 1, 2022 (photo credit: Bannock County)

Bannock County has posted the results for the recount of the Bannock County Assessor Republican Primary race.  Anita Hymas received two votes more than her opponent, Greg Cates.  The vote totals were:

  • Greg Cates: 4,582
  • Anita Hymas: 4,584

Both candidates gained a few more votes than were counted on May 17, Primary Election Day.  On that day, the totals were as follows:

  • Cates: 4,579
  • Hymas: 4,582

Both candidates have the option to appeal the results within 24 hours by filing a brief with the 6th District Court and serve it on the Attorney General and the opposing candidate.




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