June 4, 2022

The City of Pocatello has announced Session 2 of Future Hoopers, from June 4 through June 25.

The announcement reads:

This program is for boys and girls age 4-7 year old and focuses on introducing the participants to basketball and the development of basic motor skills necessary to play organized basketball while they work one on one and spend quality time with their parents. The program focuses on teaching children and their parents dribbling/ball handling, shooting, passing/catching, and running/agility. Each week the exercises become increasingly difficult as the class progresses. There are no designated teams or coaches. Parents are required to participate and assist with their children. The class is 45 minutes long once a week for 4 weeks and is limited to 8 participants per class session. The class will be held at the Community Recreation Center at 144 Wilson. Basketballs will be provided.

For more information, visit:  Future Hoopers, Session 2, June, 2022


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