(Access Bannock County Announcement, June 7, 2022)

The following announcement appeared in Access Bannock County, June edition:

As Bannock County’s budgeting season approaches, we welcome public involvement

Initial budgeting phases began in May when Commissioners Ernie Moser, Terrel N. Tovey, and Jeff Hough instructed every county department head to prepare a draft budget request for presentation during a special budget meeting.

“This was a brand-new step in the process for everyone this year. We asked that department heads present their request to us in front of each other to help everyone have a better understanding of the budget,” said Commissioner Hough.

This meeting occurred on Monday, May 9.

Between June 13 and 16, Clerk Jason Dixon will meet with individual department heads to review their budget request and determine which priorities are needed for the Fiscal Year 2023.  Then, during a public meeting in July, the Clerk will make a budget recommendation to the Board of Commissioners.  A date for this budget recommendation meeting will be set in the coming weeks.  We will live-stream these meetings on Bannock County’s YouTube channel.

After Clerk Dixon makes his recommendation to the Board, the Clerk and Commissioners will hold several work sessions, which are also open to the public and live-streamed.  The purpose of these work sessions is to ensure the County is as fiscally responsible with the budget as possible.

A public hearing will be held on August 30 in the Commissioners’ Chambers of the Bannock County Courthouse.  Two weeks prior to the public hearing, the official budget proposal will be published in the Idaho State Journal and available on bannockcounty.us.

The public is invited to view the budget and attend the public hearing to submit comments on the proposed budget.  At the public hearing, the Board of Commissioners will vote to approve the budget as presented or amend the budget and approve it at a later date.

The fiscal year 2023 will begin October 1, 2022, and end September 30, 2023.


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