June 9, 2022

Pocatello for Accountable Government Entities (P.A.G.E.) is advising Pocatello residents to brace themselves for a record setting tax ask increase.  In a social media post this morning, they say:


As you open your tax assessment notice this week, please remember part of the “tax” equation is derived from what the tax entities need in “tax ask” to cover their budgeted expenditures after all other revenue sources, fees, permits, etc. are applied.

For City of Pocatello residents . . . we warned what was to come under the Blad administration.

At the 06/08/22, Budget Development meeting, the Council voted to build the budget with a 7%+ INCREASE.  You read that correctly. SEVEN PERCENT!!!

IF approved, this will represent a record increase under Blad’s tenure.


This vote allows City staff to “prepare” the FY23 city budget to see the total revenue numbers with a 7% levy (tax ask) increase compared with the total expenditures.

In summary, the City staff was instructed to build the tentative budget to reflect revenues including:

  1. A 3% tax ask increase over last year’s levy – currently estimated @ 955,686
  2. Plus “new construction” (NC) tax ask increase – currently estimated at $136,684.  NOTE: A very low estimate, in our opinion, in comparison with last year’s NC @ $312,900
  3. Plus “annexation” currently not estimated.  NOTE: Last year’s annexation increase was $992
  4. Plus “foregone” in the amount of 1% for Operation & Materials (O & M) which gets added to the base moving forward – currently estimated @ $318,562
  5. Plus “foregone” in the amount of 3% for capital project or projects which does not get added to the base – currently estimated @ $955,686

Added together (not including annexation) the estimated total in new tax ask = $2,366,618.

The City also added in preliminary estimates for FY23 revenue increases into the General Fund – an additional $969,241 in revenue from: revenue sharing, liquor sales, and Franchise taxes for gas, cable, electric, etc.

This gives you an idea of the level of spending increases that have been proposed this year.  We intend to summarize those increases in the days to come.

Given all that we’ve heard/seen in FY2023 budget presentations, we’re not convinced 7% is enough to cover the proposed expenditures/wish lists.

And, keep in mind, the City still has most of the Federal $10.7M ARPA monies that could be spent on infrastructure projects to reduce the “tax ask” burden on local taxpayer.  That was not even discussed this week.

To learn more about P.A.G.E., visit:  P.A.G.E., FB


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