June 27, 2022

The realty world can be confusing for buyers and sellers alike.  Magazines, websites, and conventional wisdom offer conflicting views on how to maximize your home’s value and your buying power.  Chris and Margaret Schnitzler, of HomeSmart Premier Realty, are shedding light on the subject by sharing Realty Tips on their Facebook page.

Chris and Margaret advise buyers, “Talk to your local bank or credit union about the highest interest accounts they offer to store your down payment but are still liquid enough that you can access your cash when you’re ready to purchase. These could be checking accounts, some short term CDs, or money markets.”

For sellers, they point out, “As much as possible you want to help buyers imagine themselves living in your home. That can mean taking down the ‘family’ decor, cutting back on pictures, and storing personalized keepsakes until you’re in your new home.”

To contact the Schnitzlers about your realty needs, call 208-852-6112.


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