July 2, 2022

Cause for Concern?

By:  Tim Burleson

This reporter has seen over many years, the slow movement with-in our government, to change the values of the American people.  That which our founding fathers based the Constitution of this country on, so that all men are created equal.  That we have inalienable rights to freedoms of religion, speech, etc.  So, what we see at our southern borders should concern all of us.  This is not just a flood of people coming in, taking away from those who are these countries citizens, but also the drugs such as Fentanyl, opioids, etc. which kill our children.  And the abuse of some of these children being brought here.

On a recent Friday night, in Tulare County California, two men were arrested for possession of Fentanyl.  They had in their possession 150,000 Fentanyl pills valued at $750,000.  They were arrested for Possessing, transporting and selling these pills.  The following Monday afternoon, these two men were no longer in custody.

On Snap Chat, TikTok, and other youth related sites, there has been an uptick in availability of the drug Fentanyl.  It is marketed as a Percocet or other aid to help the teens in school and or work.  In Nebraska last summer, the city of Lincoln was shaken by a series of overdoses linked to cocaine laced with fentanyl, 35 over the course of less than a month, according to the Lincoln Police Department.  Of those, nine victims died.  “In the Nashville area, between 75% and 80% of our fatal overdoses will involve fentanyl at this point in time,” said Trevor Henderson, the former director of the Nashville Overdose Response and Reduction Program.  Most fentanyl-laced drugs are produced in Mexico and pushed through the U-S’s southern border.  And every state is being hit hard by this invasion.


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