July 8, 2022 (Cover Photo Credit: H. Bud Smalley)

Adele Williams is presented with scholarship award by Marine Corps League Detachment #698 Commandant Darin Letzring (Photo Credit: H. Bud Smalley)

Adele Williams, a graduate of Grace High School, was awarded the Marine Corps League Department of Idaho Roy Weaver Scholarship in the amount of $1000 at a ceremony held last week at the Bannock County Veterans Memorial Building.  Members of Pocatello’s Steven D. Merrell Detachment #698 of the Marine Corps League made the presentation.

Williams, who was President of the school band, President of the drama club, Secretary of the National Honor Society, and was involved in student government and her church, was selected for the award after submitting an essay and letters of recommendation to the selection committee.

In her essay, Williams said, “I want to be the best I can possibly be.  Throughout high school I have taken very hard classes under the principle that I never want to limit myself because i didn’t take this or that class because it was too hard.  I have grown up in a family where hard work is a very valued quality.  I learned from a very young age that I was expected to help even if I had no idea what I was doing.  I have been able to serve many people in my community because of my upbringing.  Another experience that has made me motivated to serve was a visit to Arlington cemetery.  Our group was able to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  I am motivated by their selfless service.  I try to be like them in all aspects of my life.”

Roy Weaver, for whom the scholarship was named, was a member of the Marine Corps League Pappy Boyington Detachment, #966 Coeur d’Alene and of the Military Order of Devil Dogs (MODD).  He held several offices in the Department of Idaho Marine Corps League and was Senior Vice Commandant.  He also served as Senior Vice Pack Leader of MODD.  Weaver passed away in 2010.

Commandant Darin Letzring of the Steven D. Merrell Detachment of the Marine Corps League #698, who presented the scholarship award, said, “The letters of recommendation confirm Adele’s values and work ethic.  Selection of Adele Williams for receipt of this scholarship is a very fitting commemoration of the memory of Gunnery Sergeant Roy Madison Weaver.”

Former Marines who are interested in learning more about the Marine Corps League or applying for membership can email the League at stevendmerrellmcl698@gmail.com.

Marine Corps League members meet in Pocatello on the first Thursday of every month beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Bannock County Veterans Memorial Building, 300 N. Johnson Avenue, in Pocatello.

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