July 16, 2022

POCATELLO, ID–Two dozen local bakers met at Mountain Valley Baptist Church last Tuesday to learn about the care and feeding of sourdough starter.  The class was taught by Ashley Smith of Pocatello, owner and chief baker of Wildly Raised Baking Co.

Ashley coached participants through the process of making their own starters, and explained how to keep the starters happy and healthy.  She also shared a variety of recipes and treats starring sourdough discard in the ingredient list.  A follow-up class on bread-making is planned.

The sourdough classes are part of Reconnect Southeast Idaho’s Self-Reliance class series.  Classes are held once a month.  Past topics have included ham radio, food storage, herbs, and the psychology of survival; upcoming classes are planned on the topics of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and situational awareness.  For more information, message Reconnect Southeast Idaho.




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