August 1, 2022

The realty world can be confusing for buyers and sellers alike.  Magazines, websites, and conventional wisdom offer conflicting views on how to maximize your home’s value and your buying power.  Chris and Margaret Schnitzler, of HomeSmart Premier Realty, are shedding light on the subject by sharing Realty Tips on their Facebook page.Chris and Margaret remind sellers that the little things are important.  They remark, “When you’re getting your home ready to sell it’s a good idea to walk through your home with fresh eyes; are there burned out light bulbs, does the paint need to be touched up, do any faucets need to be replaced? The little details can really help your home sell for top dollar.”

Conversely, the Schnitzlers suggest that buyers recognize that, “The market will typically swing between a seller’s or a buyer’s market. We’re currently in a seller’s market, meaning there are fewer houses for sale than buyers. We work with our buyers to help build the best offers on the houses they love.”

To contact the Schnitzler Team about your realty needs, call 208-852-6112.

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