(City of Pocatello Press Release, August 10, 2022)

The Pocatello Fire Department (PFD) is planning to conduct firefighter training and is asking property owners who have structures that are abandoned and/or ready to be demolished to contact the department. PFD is looking for abandoned/vacant buildings for these different types of training:

  • Non-destructive – used for search and rescue training
  • Destructive – breaching walls, cutting holes in roofs, knocking out windows, etc.
  • Burn – fire suppression activities – eventually burning the structure to the ground

If a property owner has a vacant structure that they would like to donate for training purposes, but do not want the building destroyed, the owner can request NON-DESTRUCTIVE training. If a property owner has a vacant structure that is scheduled for demolition, the owner can request DESTRUCTIVE or BURN training.

The opportunity for PFD to train using real structures is an invaluable learning experience for City of Pocatello firefighters.

If you are interested in donating the use of your structure, please contact Training Chief Mark Mendez by email at mmendez@pocatello.us or by calling 208-234-6579.


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