(IDGOP Press Release, August 11, 2022; Image credit: IDGOP FB)

Dorothy Moon, Chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party (Photo Credit: Dorothy Moon for Idaho)

Boise, ID—In response to the FBI’s recent raid of former President Trump’s home, IDGOP Chairwoman Dorothy Moon issued the following statement.

Apparently the asserted basis for the FBI’s raid of President Trump’s personal residence was a failure to comply with federal records requirements.  But, of course, we know Hillary Clinton flagrantly violated this same statute and she was never charged with any crime.  These apparent contradictions in the application of our law do not seem to trouble those cheering on an unprecedented use of the FBI’s investigatory and quasi-judicial powers.  If there is to be any hope of clarifying this seeming abuse of power, the DOJ needs to disclose the full warrant application and make plain that this was not just a fishing expedition.  Our system of government depends upon the Rule of Law.  And the raid of a President’s — and likely political rival’s — personal residence by federal agents does not seem to comport with our legal tradition.  Americans of all political affiliations should be deeply troubled by August 8th events.

Dorothy Moon,

Chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party


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