August 15, 2022

Scott Cleveland, Independent, Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate

Scott Cleveland, Independent, Conservative candidate for the U.S. Senate, who appeared recently at the Bannock County Fair, granted an extensive interview with the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer (PCO).  The full interview follows:

PCO: What form of government does the United States have, and what do you consider the proper role of government?

Cleveland: The United States is a Federal Republic based on the United States Constitution

PCO: What would you do to help curtail federal government overreach?

Cleveland: I would support all States rights not granted to the Federal Government under the United States Constitution.  The States created the Federal Government – not the other way around.

PCO: What are some major differences between you and your Republican opponent?

Cleveland: The major differences between me and my opponent Mike Crapo are the following:

Mike Crapo is a forty-year career Politian – I have been a businessman for the last thirty years

Mike Crapo campaign is ninety-eight percent funded by out of state special interest groups and lobbyist like big pharma, big tech, and the medical industry.  I am funded by regular small donor, average citizens and not special interest groups.

Mike Crapo is a “blue Republican” and has started voting alongside democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.  I would never vote for liberal ideology and legislation.

Mike Crapo has done nothing to investigate the 2020 election and has not called for increased election integrity.  I support all efforts to make our elections fair and secure.  Elections are not fully secure at present, despite claims to the contrary.

Mike Crapo is currently and actively trying to rescind the Trump Chinese trade tariffs.  This is an America last position.  I support these tariffs.

Mike Crapo is a “never Trumper” and pulled his support publicly just prior to the 2016 presidential election.  I support the former President Donald Trump and most of his policies.  (I do not support President Trump’s pushing the Covid -19 vaccine.)

PCO: Do you support or oppose the filibuster? Why?

Cleveland: I have support and have no issues with the concept of filibustering legislation that one opposes.  That gives the opposing side time to present their case.  The time allowed should be limited and reasonable.  The current sixty vote threshold to pass the proposed legislation is not unreasonable.

PCO: What role should the federal government play in education?

Cleveland: The federal Government should not be involved in the education system.

PCO: Would you support or oppose federally mandated, traditional civics training (as opposed to the 1619 Project)?

Cleveland: I do not support federal mandates.  I do support civics lessons for all students in Americas classrooms.  The 1619 project is propaganda and should not be taught.

Why?  American greatness should be instilled in our young people.  I prefer this instead of teaching students that they are victims of some unjust system.

PCO: What role, if any, should the federal government play in regulation or prohibition of abortion?

Cleveland: Abortion is not the United States Constitution.  I oppose abortion and believe that life begins at conception.  The fact that Roe vs Wade has been overturned recently by the United States Supreme Court and returned to the states is a major step in protecting the preborn.

PCO: If a bill is proposed to legalize abortion nationwide, how will you respond?

Cleveland: I would oppose any bill to legalize abortion nationwide.

PCO: What are your thoughts on the current controversies surrounding LGBT issues?

Cleveland: The issue of gay marriage is not addressed in the United States Constitution.  It should not have been decided by the United States Supreme Court.  It should have been left up to each state.  I am not opposed to same sex couples forming civil unions and having the legal protections of marriage.  I strongly oppose the indoctrination of children regarding these LGBT issues.

PCO: What is your position on land use and water rights?

Cleveland: I believe in private and public land/water use rights as property rights.

PCO: Will you work to return federally owned and managed lands to the states in whose geographical boundaries they are located?

Cleveland: Yes, I would like to see “Federal Property” returned to individual states to control and manage as much as possible.

How?  States should be allowed to manage these lands for the benefit of its citizens not the federal government or foreign entities.

Each state should be allowed to submit a request for lands they wish to control and include a best use explanation.  Lands not directly benefiting the residence of that state currently should be, at a minimum, managed by the individual states instead of the federal government agencies and bureaucrats.

PCO: As a senator, how will you work to ensure that the Senate exercises its responsibility to ratify treaties, rather than allowing the executive branch to rename them as “accords”, etc.?

Cleveland: As a senator I would not support any treaties or climate accords without specific approval from congress.  The only way to do that is through the power of the purse.  No funding shall be granted to the government agencies that are tasked with carrying out these America last agreements.

PCO: How will you help keep the US out of international entanglements and other agreements that yield our sovereignty to globalist organizations?

Cleveland: Under no circumstances should America get involved in violent conflicts all over the globe.  We should only be involved when a clear, direct threat to our national security interests exists.  Our nation is and shall remain sovereign.  We should not give away our interests to any international body or organization including the United Nations, the World Health Organization or similar groups.

PCO: What, if anything, can you do to prohibit the use of ESG scores in banking, investing, and other areas?

Cleveland: New consumer and corporate protection legislation is clearly needed in this area.  The ESG scoring system is a giant step in the wrong direction regarding protecting Americans privacy and liberties.  I strongly oppose ESG and similar measures.

To learn more about the Cleveland for Senate Campaign, click on the image, below:

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