August 29, 2022

Pocatello, ID–Jeff Young, owner of Lone Pine Tactical, is once again offering his popular Enhanced Concealed Carry class.  The class will be held at Gold’s Gym, located at 1800 Flandro Dr. in Pocatello, at 9:00 on Saturday, September 10.  Describing his class, Young explained:

Idaho is a constitutional carry state.  You do not need an enhanced permit to carry a firearm in this state.  If you travel, you will need a permit to carry concealed.

We go above and beyond your basic enhanced concealed carry course.  You will know the laws on self defense and defense of others, and we go in-depth on situational awareness, deadly force decision making, self defense plans, basic firearms, grip, stance, sight alignment, target assessment, trigger press.  When you attend our course you will learn how to move and shoot, mag exchanges, off hand shooting, and much more.



Before launching Lone Pine Tactical, Young spent ten years in the Air Force and 30 years in law enforcement.  For 25 of those years, he served on his department’s SWAT team.  He has been a teacher throughout his career, including as a Police Firearms Instructor, Combat Firearms Instructor, Less Lethal Munitions Instructor, and Tactics Instructor.  He is also a certified USCCA Firearms Instructor.

Registration for the Enhanced Concealed Carry class is $80.00.  To reserve your spot, contact Jeff Young at 208-241-9057.



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