(Bannock County Press Release, September 8, 2022; Photo credit: Bannock County Sheriff FB)

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Pocatello, ID–After 27 years of use, the Bannock County Detention Center’s medical and dental units received a makeover.

The Detention Center, located at 5800 S 5th Avenue in Pocatello, houses around 300 incarcerated people at a time, some of whom stay for an extended period of time as they await trial.

“Maintaining the health and well-being of the people in our custody is one of my top priorities as Sheriff. We could not continue to provide proper care with our medical unit falling apart,” said Sheriff Tony Manu. “Our staff, the providers, and the people in custody have been very pleased with the improvements.”

Upgrades began in early June, with five local companies contracted to do specialized jobs while county staff completed the bulk of the work required, which helped reduce costs.

The project, which was completed on June 18, totaled just over $79,000, about 12 percent under the $90,000 allocated budget.

The improvements are expected to extend the longevity of the medical and dental bay for another 20-25 years before another major update is needed.

Alongside new flooring, ceiling, cabinets, countertops, and an HVAC unit, the upgrades also included improved storage, additional space for future expansion, increased electrical capacity, improved pharmacy security, a digital bulletin board, and a break room for medical staff.


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