(Idaho Fish and Game Press Release, September 15, 2022)

Boise, ID–Duck and goose hunting is one of the most exciting ways to get a youth hunter geared up for hunting. Oftentimes, the sheer abundance of waterfowl flying overhead or bobbing out in the water mesmerizes youngsters enough to potentially take their minds off the discomfort of sitting in near-freezing water later in the season. Those looking to take their young ones out for their first duck or goose hunt can circle the weekend of Sept. 24 and 25 on their calendars.

But you don’t just have to be an over-eager 10-year-old to enjoy the weekend kickoff. Veterans and active duty military personnel can also participate in the early, two-day hunt on Sept. 24-25.

NOTE: The dates are incorrect on Page 8 of the 2022-23 Idaho Migratory Game Bird Seasons and Rules and the correct dates are reflected above.

Here’s everything you need to know for the Youth and Veterans/Active Military Waterfowl Hunting Weekend:

  • Veterans and active military personnel are eligible to participate in this hunt.
  • In order to participate as a youth, hunters must be licensed and 17 years of age or younger
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    In order to be eligible to participate as a veteran or active duty military, a hunter must be licensed and:

    • Be a veteran who served on active duty in the United States military, naval, or air service and was discharged or separated under honorable conditions after 90 days of continuous active duty, or was separated or discharged from military service earlier than ninety 90 days under honorable conditions because of a service-connected disability, or be a member of the Armed Forces on active duty (which does not include members of the National Guard and Reserves performing drills or training).
    • Carry proof of eligibility in the field, such as an official military or veteran identification card, DD214 form, or a state-issued driver’s license or identification card with veteran designation.
  • Migratory Bird (HIP) Permit—required
  • Federal Migratory Bird (Duck) Stamp—not required for hunters 15 and younger; required for all hunters 16 and older
  • Daily duck, goose, snipe and coot limits are the same as regular season limits statewide
  • At least one adult 18 years or older with a valid hunting license must accompany each youth hunting party into the field at all times. Adults are not authorized to hunt;.
  • All other state rules and federal regulations pertaining to take of migratory game birds are in effect for this hunt.

To learn more about waterfowl hunting in Idaho, check out Fish and Game’s Migratory Game Bird seasons and rules booklet, which includes general rules and shooting hours.

To find places to hunt, check out the Hunting Access page.

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