September 20, 2022

Dear Friends,

I have decided to support Ammon Bundy and put his sign in my yard. Here are my reasons.

1. I cannot support any Democrat. The things they believe are simply insane. It is obvious that they have some other objective than making America first. Here is their platform.

Party Platform – Democrats

2. I cannot support Brad Little, the Republican. I told him before he ran the first time I could not support him because of where he stood on some important issues. I did not think his thinking lined up with the Idaho Republican Party Platform. The fact that he locked us down during the pandemic without any scientific evidence was tough to bear; even closing churches. Then he reversed the good decisions by the Lt Governor. He did that twice. She was working hard to protect the liberty of Idaho Citizens.

Here is the Idaho Republican Party Platform. You decide.

2022-24-Idaho-Republican-Party-Platform-1.pdf (

3. I feel I must support Ammon Bundy. Here are my thoughts. I see that there are a number of things in his platform that appear impractical. But he is the only candidate with any of those things as a goal. Not voting for Bundy because he has no chance leaves God out of the picture. Who can tell what God will do. Ultimately, I believe that we will have the smallest government under Bundy and the most personal liberty. If you need more information, you can check out his web site:

Ammon Bundy for Governor · OFFICIAL WEBSITE (

If you want a sign, you can order one on his web site.

Jim Hollingsworth, Hayden, ID

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