(City of Pocatello Press Release, September 26, 2022)

The City of Pocatello is excited to announce the Mayor received 38 applications for vacant City Council Seats #2 and #3. The field of potential new City Council members has been narrowed down to 13 candidates.

Thursday, Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad announced the candidates for vacant seats #2 and #3.

Following the interview process, Blad will submit his final selections for confirmation at a regular City Council meeting. Blad anticipates having both positions filled by the end of October.



“Thank you to everyone who submitted an application. I am so proud of our community and proud to see so many wanting to make a difference by offering their services to the citizens of Pocatello. It was a very difficult task to narrow the candidate list down for interviews. All have good ideas for Pocatello’s future,” said Blad.

Once appointed, the new Council Members will serve the remaining term for seats #2 and #3, which end January 2024.

Potential City Council Member candidates:

  • Ken Bullock
  • Fallon Deatherage-Bradley
  • Whitney Fenwick
  • Jim Johnston
  • Ali Khan
  • Rainbow Maldonado
  • Corey Mangum
  • Ed Munson
  • Brent Nichols
  • Gabriel Rodriguez
  • Jonah Saunders
  • Ruby Walsh
  • Emma Watts

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