September 27, 2022

On Twitter today, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded to a University of Idaho memo, which was sent to all staff last week by the university’s General Council to provide guidance on complying with Idaho’s abortion restrictions.

In the seven-page memo, the University summarizes Idaho’s abortion laws and explains which types of reproductive services and counseling are legal on university property, and which are prohibited.

In response to the memo, Jean-Pierre tweeted:

For years, GOP officials have gone after contraception and family planning services. After the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs, GOP officials appear more empowered to strip Americans of their basic rights.  To be clear, nothing under Idaho law justifies the university’s decision to deny students access to contraception. But the situation in Idaho speaks to the unacceptable consequences of extreme abortion bans.  The overwhelming majority of Americans believe in the right to birth control, as well as the right to abortion, without government interference. These policies are extreme and backwards.

The full thread can be read here.



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