(InterMountain Christian News Press Release, September 29, 2022)

Washington, D.C.–White House Correspondent Dr. M. Anthony Harper has just returned from Jerusalem, Israel to report on the myth of Israel as an Apartheid state. That myth is debunked in Dr. Harper’s experience at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and elsewhere he interacted with Moslems and Jews. Dr. Harper states that “it is a lie of Israel being an Apartheid state.” He interviewed an Arab and Jewish medical doctor as well as a patient there at the famed Hadassah Hospital (Medical Center) in Jerusalem. Both medical doctors and the patient stated clearly that Israel is not an Apartheid state. Hospital representative Barbara Sofer said that “I would say that anyone who dares to call Israel an apartheid state should see a psychiatrist. We are totally integrated. We are in a hospital where both staff and patients are exactly equal. We have department heads who are Arabs and department heads who are Jews. We have patients as you can see in every department and every waiting room in every surgical place.” To watch Dr. Harper’s interviews with the Arab and Jewish doctors as well as the patient and hospital representative Barbara Sofer, click on the following YouTube link: https://youtu.be/nW0GW9lpEDc
Regarding Dr. Harper’s other concerns of Anti-Semitism, he had an interview in the Knesset with Mansour Abbas, a Ra’am party member of the Knesset who defines himself as a Palestinian (United Arab List). Abbas said that “Christians are our brothers in all parts of the earth, especially in the Holy Land. They are our brothers. We serve everyone and strive to strengthen the status of everyone……..In this context, we are positive, we have no enemies with anyone.” Dr. Harper finds Abbas’ statements difficult to believe since Abbas and The Ra’am party (United Arab List) display their Anti-Semitism through their actions of “supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, with an end of the occupation and dismantling of the settlements. It also seeks the release of Palestinian prisoners and the right of return of Palestinian refugees.” Source: https://en.idi.org.il/israeli-elections-and-parties/parties/raam/
Watch Dr. Harper’s interview with Mansour Abbas at the following YouTube link:
Dr. Harper is concerned about the funding of ‘Palestinian’ causes such as the Anti-Semitic U.N. agency UNRWA and ‘Palestinian’ Authority’s ‘Pay to Slay’ program in violation of the Taylor Force Act.

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