October 19, 2022

Voters Deserve Something Better than Oler’s Democrat Tactics

By:  Representative Julianne Young

Representative Julianne Young

As your state representative, I work with people of varying political persuasions from all across this great state. Even those I disagree with have my respect when they are respectful and honest. Unfortunately, my Democrat opponent has resorted to character attacks and deceiving voters with distorted narratives. Oler, as a leader in the political party that champions the sexualization of children, has the audacity to write an op-ed claiming that I “protect pedophiles and child abusers” because of my support for House Bill 455 (H455).

Here’s the truth about H455. H455 addressed a nuanced question of how Idaho’s judicial and child protection resources are most effectively utilized. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare receives thousands of reports of child abuse every year. Each occupies valuable time and resources. Yet, the vast majority of reports are unsubstantiated. H455 provided “failure-to-report” penalties for professionals that work directly with kids (health care providers, counselors, educators, social workers, law enforcement officers, etc) but exempted every-day citizens. H455 didn’t impact the ability of any individual to file a report, nor did it impact the ability of the state to charge an individual with being an accessory to felony abuse if that individual had direct knowledge of and didn’t report abuse.

My opponent called me a liar six times in his op-ed; but the only way he can fool voters with his outrageous claim is to not tell voters the whole truth! Voters deserve better than his exaggerated distortions. We don’t need representation that tells half the story and makes someone a “liar” for using a synonym.

Let’s talk real, big-picture facts:

My opponent is a chairman for the Democratic Party. He also publicly endorsed radical-left candidate Paulette Jordan in the 2018 governor’s race. Yet, information about his political affiliation and ideology is conspicuously absent from his campaign materials (including the bio below his recent article).

The Democrat Party is certainly not about protecting children from sexualization and pedophilia! They are all about decriminalizing everything– until it comes to parents– and then parents are the Devil. My opponent’s party IS the party that voted to leave graphic sexual material in the children’s sections of libraries; the same party that walks in lockstep with radical sexual revolution groups and recently defended featuring kids on stage with scantily-clad adults during sexually themed public performances. His Democratic party consistently opposes efforts to strengthen parental rights, to preserve the lives of pre-born children, and stop the sexual mutilation of minors.

In contrast, my record of active opposition to the sexualization or abuse of children is clear. In fact, my commitment to protecting children motivated me to run in the first place! I have carried and successfully passed legislation empowering parents and local school districts to force providers to remove pornography from K-12 library data bases. I fought to remove graphic sexual material from library sections specifically designated for minors. I worked to secure parental notification of discussions about sexuality in schools BEFORE they take place through an opt-in requirement in state statute. And I have supported efforts to establish tougher penalties for sexual crimes.

Don’t be fooled by my opponent’s classic Democrat tactics of name-calling, shaming, and inverted political spin. Voters deserve the whole truth. You shouldn’t have to wonder what the (D) behind my opponent’s name stands for. You deserve a grounded representative who brings transparency and respect to the political process.

I am Julianne Young, and I ask for your vote on November 8th.

Idaho Representative Julianne Young and her family (Photo Credit: Julianne Young)

About Rep. Julianne Young: Julianne Young currently serves as a State Representative for Legislative District 31 and is the Republican nominee for Legislative District 30, seat B. A sixth generation Idahoan, Julianne grew up in Moreland, Idaho, where her parents, Richard and Kerma Hill, taught her “to work hard, carefully analyze information and ideas, serve others with compassion, and fearlessly stand up for truth.” Julianne graduated from Snake River High School, attended Rick’s College, and graduated from Idaho State University with a degree in education. Julianne is married to Kevin Young, a Blackfoot High School graduate and son of Kenneth and Evelyn Young. Kevin and Julianne have 10 children and make their home in the Groveland area where they own a small hobby farm that includes Jersey cows, a colorful flock of chickens, and a geothermal greenhouse. Their family loves to work hard, play hard, hike and camp, make beautiful music, and participate in dramatic productions.


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