October 26, 2022

Idaho Falls, ID–During the Republican convention in Twin Falls last July, Melaleuca’s Executive Chairman, Frank VanderSloot, sent an email to the delegates to “set the record straight” regarding accusations that his company funded Tom Luna’s lawsuit against the Bonneville County Central Committee.  That email triggered a heated exchange, also via email, between VanderSloot and another individual.

Doug Toomer, founder and president of Stand Up For Idaho, saw the emails and concluded that VanderSloot had not succeeded in his goal of clarifying the issue, so he invited VanderSloot to tell his side of the story and answer questions at a public meeting hosted by SUFI.  That meeting is scheduled for November 9 at 6:30 p.m.



Toomer requests that people submit their questions for Mr. VanderSloot no later that Friday, October 28.  He explains, “Frank requested that questions or accusations for him be provided in advance so he has an opportunity to investigate the issues and develop responses.  I agreed to his request.  Therefore, send your questions to me at info@standupforidaho.org as soon as possible.  Also, if applicable, provide facts and evidence of the facts associated with your question or accusation.  NO new questions will be taken from the audience on the night of the meeting and there will be very limited, if any, opportunity for follow-on questioning.  Be sure to clearly and succinctly ask the question that will provide the ‘fundamental’ answer you are seeking.  This will allow time for numerous questions to be answered, remember we try to keep our meetings to under 2ish hours.  Be sure to provide your contact information, including phone number, so I can contact you if the need arises…This ‘Town Hall’ is to be polite and professional, where we ask the tough questions backed up with facts. Thereby setting a precedent for future conversations between SUFI and others who may also need to “set the record straight”.

While Toomer requests that all questioners include their contact information, he has clarified that that information will not be shared with VanderSloot–it is for SUFI’s use only.

Stand Up For Idaho’s weekly meetings are held at the Snake River Event Center, located at 780 Lindsay Blvd. in Idaho Falls.  Doors open at 5:30 p.m.; the meeting begins promptly at 6:30.




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