November 12, 2022

Since the rollout of the COVID shot last year, women have been sharing reports of miscarriages, stillbirths, and other complications they experienced shortly after receiving the injection.  Due to the social media blackout on sharing information that cast doubts on the “safe and effective vaccine”, these reports have been extremely difficult for researchers to compile and analyze.

VAERS (the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, available at has tracked severe reactions to vaccines since 1990.  Since the reporting system is voluntary rather than mandatory, it is believed that the true number of adverse events may be as much as one hundred times higher than what is reported.  Because the system is rather cumbersome to use, many lay researchers prefer to gather their data from OpenVAERS (, which presents the same data in a more user-friendly portal.

Last Wednesday, the OpenVAERS Team announced the launch of a new section of their website dedicated to tracking Reproductive Health Reports Submitted to VAERS.  In their newletter announcing the launch, they say:

Our page consists of five charts and two tables and the data tell a shocking story.

There are more reports of miscarriages/stillbirths following Covid-19 shots than for all other vaccines combined in the entire history of the vaccine program. 

There were 3,670 reports of miscarriage/stillbirth in 2021 and 1,650 reports of miscarriage/stillbirth already in 2022 following Covid-19 shots. We know that these are undercounts and that there is still a backlog of reports waiting to be processed. 

Prior to the introduction of Covid-19 shots, the HPV and flu vaccines were associated with the most reports of miscarriage and stillbirth. 

For men, there were 1,889 reports of testicular pain/swelling following Covid-19 shots which raises the possibility of reproductive harms in connection with men.

This is a humanitarian disaster. 

To see the “VAERS COVID Vaccine Reproductive Health Related Reports” on the OpenVAERS website, click on the chart below.

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