November 28, 2022

As concerns increase about the long-term safety of mRNA injections, consumers are looking for sources of non-injected blood for transfusions.  Two companies are working to meet the demand.

Blessed By His Blood is a US-based cooperative founded by “former mainstream medical professionals” whose goal is to connect like-minded blood donors and blood recipients.  Their Mission Statement says:

Blessed By His Blood Cooperative is a community of equally vested members who believe that Medical Freedom is a God given right, having access to genetically unmodified blood during time of need is a vital part of health autonomy, and who covenantally agree to help one another through volunteer blood donations as those needs arise within the BBHB cooperative. We serve as a resource, connecting patients with donors. BBHB is a philanthropic entity modeled after John 15:13 …“Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Blessed By His Blood is currently developing the software and administrative tools they will need to manage the co-op.  They hope to go live in January of 2023.  For more information, or to sign up for news and updates, click here.



SAFE BLOOD Donation is a non-profit based in Zurich, Switzerland, with representation in nearly two dozen countries.  According to their website, their goal is “to ensure that our members can obtain unvaccinated blood, either fresh or canned, should they need it. In return, they make themselves available as blood donors. Anyone can become a member, whether vaccinated or not – but only those who have not been vaccinated can donate.”  Their website includes an anonymous database of unvaccinated blood donors, as well as a database of clinic information.  They hope to eventually be able to partner with clinics around the world “to match blood donors and recipients, which we bring together in a clinic (medical partner) that allows the choice of blood donor.”

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