November 30, 2022

Studies emerging across Europe show a remarkable drop in birth rates, beginning 9 months after vaccination and booster campaigns.  This is the greatest decrease in birth rates since the First World War.

In country after country, the nine month interval after covid vaccination campaigns (shown monthly on top) is followed by a decline in births (at bottom). The interval is depicted by the red line between the top and bottom charts. The charts, in French, show, clockwise from top left, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany. (Source: “Decline in Birth Rate in Europe,” August 2022.)

Notably, the studies’ authors say they have been able to rule out prior COVID infection as a potential cause of the drop in birth rates.

Data from America has been much harder to obtain, since the CDC only publishes birth rate information up to 2020.  However, anecdotal evidence and OpenVAERS data suggest that the USA is facing a similar decline in birth rates.

To learn more about the European data, read “The Missing Babies of Europe”, here.



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