December 5, 2022

Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, recently asked Idaho’s Dr. Ryan Cole about the integrity of the nation’s blood supply; specifically, whether blood from individuals who have received the COVID injections is safe to use.  Cole responded,

We don’t know.

Nobody knows. I have clots from unvaccinated deceased that were transfused and formed large clots post transfusion and died.

No blood bank is checking.

“One cannot find, that for which they do not look”.

This is akin to blood banks and hemophiliacs and HIV in the 1980s. It may not be a problem. However, it may be. There are assays academically available to check for circulating spike protein. It is criminal negligence to not assure the safety of the blood supply based on bureaucratic declarations without scientific explorations.

For more on this topic, see Steve Kirsch’s newsletter, here.


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