December 11, 2022

Everyone knows the problem we have in Bannock County with the cost of property taxes.  I admit that they are higher than I’d like to see them, but what can we expect with a local government like we have?

Reading about items/facilities that need repairs or renovations, one has to concede that if this work is completed, it will likely require an increase in property taxes to fund the repairs.

You see, the wheels of government are greased with the dollars taxed from our community!

Then along comes the COVID relief money, and what does our local government propose to do with the money?  Necessary repairs/renovations?  Nope!  Road repairs?  Nope!  They plan to use the money that could satisfy a lot of these repairs/renovations to build another Albatross, like the Pocatello Airport, that will eventually increase your property taxes even more!

I believe we should take care of our community and county first!  Let’s maintain what we have and not invest in another money pit!  Responsible spending starts with responsible leadership!

Bill Wall, Pocatello



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