December 15, 2022

Dr. M. Anthony Harper, Whitehouse Correspondent

Dr. Anthony Harper’s latest report from the White House is now available on the Intermountain Christian News YouTube Channel.  The video notes read:

White House Correspondent and Chaplain Dr. Harper reports from the White House, December 12, 2022, about his meeting with Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre asking her to call on him to ask questions in press meetings but she refused to agree to that.  Also, Dr. Harper yelled out questions in press meetings asking for a response to Muslims, Evangelical Christians and Jews opposed to same sex marriage or to the Biden administration funding anti-Semitic organizations, but she did not acknowledge or answer those questions.  Finally, Dr. Harper recapped his encounter attending a Lithuanian Prime Minister and Ambassador press event at the White House and asked the Ambassador’s assistant for a status on the Jewish cemetery in Vilnius, Lithuania.

To watch this video report, click here.

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