(P.A.G.E. Post, December 19, 2022)

What impact will the retirement of Delta’s 50-seat planes in the Summer of 2023 have on Pocatello Regional Airport’s SkyWest service?

Just days ago, at the 12/15/2022 city council meeting, Pocatello City Councilmembers unanimously (6-0) approved a new 2023 “quarterly” airline subsidy (up to $1.01M for the year) with no deliberation. City council members met earlier to deliberate the 2023 SkyWest subsidy in an executive session (closed to the public) on 12/08/22
Were Council members apprised of the situation by SkyWest? Per the articles below, after the change, Delta’s smallest planes will have not 50, but 69 seats. With this information, it’s clearer why SkyWest required a “quarterly” subsidy agreement for 2023 versus the annual one approved for 2022.
Two unanswered questions.
Will SkyWest continue service to Pocatello after this change?
If service is retained, how much more will it cost the City to guarantee 69 seats instead of 50?
Only time will tell.

08/10/2021 ARTICLE: https://www.travelweekly.com/…/Airlines-retiring…

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