(Mountain Valley Baptist Church Press Release, December 19, 2022)

Pocatello, Idaho—Less than two years after purchasing the historic First Presbyterian Church building at the corner of 7th and Lewis, Mountain Valley Baptist Church is praising God for a recent anonymous donation that allowed them to pay their mortgage in full.  

Pastor Don Whitecar said, “This has been a miracle church from the beginning.  We are excited for the opportunity to celebrate the miraculous way in which God provided the money to pay off our mortgage, and we look forward to sharing that with our friends in the community.”



The church will mark the occasion with a special meal and service this Thursday evening, followed by a bonfire to burn the mortgage paperwork.  They invite the community to join them.  

Dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m., and the service will begin at 7:00.  Pastor Whitecar plans to share the story of how God took a tiny church with only $4,500 dollars available for a downpayment, and miraculously placed them in a building that is ideally suited to spreading the gospel in their community.  The service will also feature Christmas music highlighting the building’s pipe organ.  A staffed nursery will be available for the convenience of parents with infants.



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