(45th President Donald J. Trump, December 22, 2022; Photo credit: Truth Social)

Every single Republican should vote NO on the ludicrous, unacceptable 1.7 TRILLION dollar Omnibus spending bill. It’s a disaster for our country. And it also happens to be a disaster for the Republican Party because they can stop it. Biden and the Radical Democrats are trying to ram through this monstrosity in the dark of night, when no one has even had a chance to read it. It’s over 4,000 pages crammed with left-wing disasters, Washington betrayals, and special interest sellouts—all designed to keep the corruption going without lifting a single finger to solve the problems that matter to hardworking families and Americans. The bill provides $1.9 billion dollars for so-called “border management,” to process illegal aliens and release them into our country—but it incredibly prohibits those funds from ever being used for Border SECURITY, to prevent illegal aliens from coming in in the first place. And most importantly, we’re giving $500 million dollars to other countries for border security and for the building of walls. Can you believe this? But we’re not allowed to use any money for border security or the building of walls. This bill will make the BORDER worse. It will make CRIME worse. It will make the ECONOMY worse. It will make INFLATION worse. It will make EVERY SINGLE ONE of Joe Biden’s total catastrophes even more ruinous and damaging to our country. Our country is going to hell because of what they’ve done in the last two years.

Passing a spending bill now, before Republicans take control of Congress on January 3rd, would squander our best chance to hold Biden fully accountable and force him to secure the border in the new year. Mitch McConnell, who is an absolute disaster by the way, must not be allowed to waste this golden opportunity. He’s more of a Democrat than a Republican. What he’s doing to this party is incredible and what he’s doing to our nation is incredible. Call your Congressmen and Senators right now, and tell them to vote NO on Democrats’ massive left-wing spending bill. And they have to do it now. Vote no.



Image Credit: Idaho State Police

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