(Governor Brad Little News Release, January 6, 2023)

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little was publicly sworn in for his second term as Idaho’s 33rd Governor today and delivered his Second Inaugural Address, pledging to continue leading our state’s tremendous economic success and staying on course by focusing on meaningful investments in schools.

The Governor, along with Lt. Governor Scott Bedke and other constitutional officers, was sworn in by Idaho Chief Justice G. Richard Bevan during a public ceremony held at the Idaho Capitol today.

Governor Little expressed deep gratitude to the people of Idaho and credited Idaho’s enduring values for our historic success.

“No matter how much things seem to change around us – and change is inevitable – our Idaho values never seem to drift away from us. Idahoans are still as tough yet compassionate and self-reliant yet community minded as we were from the earliest days of our state’s history when Teresa’s and my ancestors arrived well over 125 years ago,” Governor Little said.

The Governor’s first term was marked by record investments in education and infrastructure, unprecedented tax relief, and historic red tape reduction. Idaho emerged from the pandemic with the strongest economy in the nation and continually ranks first or near first in economic strength, budget stability, and good government.



Governor Little reiterated his goal: to make Idaho the place where we all can have the opportunity to thrive, where our children and grandchildren choose to stay, and for the ones who have left to choose to return.

“We’ve had our share of hardship and challenges over the past few years, but I have learned we will reach my goal when we put Idaho first and focus on what matters well beyond our time here – doubling down on our support for school children, supporting our neighbors in need, tax relief, cutting red tape, improving our quality of life – all while making long-range investments that stand the test of time,” he added.

Governor Little pledged to continue leading the state with integrity, civility, and humility.

“Success builds success, and the people of Idaho have continually demonstrated they want our state to keep getting better. It is just who we are,” Governor Little said.

A complete copy of Governor Little’s Second Inaugural Address (as prepared) follows and is available here.



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