(January 10, 2023)

The GOP State Central Committee convened its first winter meeting under the leadership of the newly elected Chair Dorothy Moon on Saturday, January 7th.  Voting members traveled from around the state to vote on proposed rules and resolutions.  The conservative voices within the Idaho Republican party can consider this meeting a big step in the right direction.  Significant rules aimed at strengthening the party and securing our elections were passed by the conservative majority of State Central Committee members. 

After our last general election, crossover voting and the need to shore up our republican primaries became a top priority for the conservatives elected to Central Committees across the state.  The Crossover Voting Rule 2022-04 passed with the enthusiastic support and requires anyone changing their party affiliation to wait 12 months before affiliating with the Republican party.  This rule does not apply to newly qualified electors. 

As many will remember, former GOP Chair Tom Luna unilaterally initiated a lawsuit against the Bonneville GOP Executive Board members last year when the Bonneville Central Committee began vetting and endorsing conservative Republican Candidates in the primary.  The lawsuit was frivolous and ultimately thrown out, but it scared some Republican volunteers away from openly supporting conservative candidates.  Rule 2023-2 limits the authority of the Chair in matters of litigation, requiring the State Central Committee’s consent before initiating lawsuits.  It also clarifies, for those who were uncertain, that County Central Committees can vet and endorse candidates. 



Furthermore, it has been over 50 years since the party considered the boundary lines for voting regions. Many Idahoans have expressed concerns regarding the diminished voice of rural voters in the face of a swelling Ada County population.  Therefore, GOP regional lines were redrawn, bringing the number of regions from seven to ten.  With three new regions forming, rural Idahoans will have more influence in the direction of the Idaho Republican party. 

Resolutions being considered later in the day did not fare as well. Nevertheless, important resolutions were passed, and others were held for consideration at the summer meeting.

Passed Resolutions:

Resolution 2023-3 Title: Resolution Regarding Ranked Choice Voting.

Resolution 2023-6 Title: Resolution regarding minor sex reassignment.

Resolution 2023-28 Title: Resolution to stop the practice of holding bills in the drawer by Committee Chairman, in the Idaho legislature.

Overall, the meeting was a great success for those desiring a more conservative direction for the Idaho Republican Party.  It was clear that grassroots efforts across the state to elect conservatives to every position at the local level paid off within the Idaho Republican party.  As a result, constitutionally-minded, family-oriented, and God-fearing individuals now represent the majority of the Idaho GOP State Central Committee.  

–LaQueta Morgan, Bannock County State Committeewoman



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