January 26, 2023

Pocatello for Accountable Government Entities

Pocatello–In a social media post yesterday, local government watchdog group Pocatello for Accountable Government Entities posted SkyWest’s final invoice for 2022.  The post reads:

Here is the SkyWest invoice for the 4th Quarter 2022 subsidy.

The 2022 Transportation Services Agreement allowed a maximum subsidy of $800,000 for 2022. The final invoice was for $79,371.57. Per the detailed invoice’s monthly totals, Skywest was not able to recoup their revenue shortage for all of December ($78,549.71) and a portion of November ($14,728.88) for a total of $93,278.59.


$210,895.82 – 1st QTR
$255,955.32 – 2nd QTR
$253,777.18 – 3rd QTR
$79,371.57 – 4th QTR
TOTAL: $799,999.89

Note: There were some math issues on this last invoice, otherwise the full $800K would have been invoiced.

P.A.G.E.’s post also includes an image of the invoice and a graph of the monthly passenger rates.  To view them, click here.

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