(IDGOP Press Release, February 1, 2023)

Boise–The Idaho Republican Party held its 2023 State Central Committee Winter Meeting on January 6th and 7th at the Riverside Hotel in Garden City, Idaho.

On Friday, January 6th, the Executive Committee, Regional Redistricting Committee, Rules Committee, and Resolutions Committee met to discuss their business. We are pleased to announce that our new Executive Director, Kiira Turnbow, was confirmed unanimously by the Executive Committee. She has been a valuable addition to the Idaho Republican Party.

The first order of business at the State Central Committee meeting on Saturday morning was to honor our 2023 Hall of Fame Award winners.

  • Outstanding Precinct Committeewoman – Beverly Guenette
  • Outstanding Republican Worker – Kirsten Lucas
  • Outstanding Regional, County, or Legislative District Chairman – Linda Yergler
  • Outstanding Republican Legislator – Julianne Young
  • Outstanding Administrative Official – Dorothy Moon
  • Most Valuable Person – Daniel Murphy
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Representative JoAn Wood

Following lunch, the State Central Committee heard the report from the Regional Redistricting committee. Our Regional Redistricting Committee discussed each region in detail, and determined to divide the state into 10 regions to create fair and balanced representation of the state’s residents. The committee submitted their report to the full body of the SCC to be voted on. The regional redistricting report Plan E was approved and will be adopted at the next reorganization meeting.

Following the redistricting report, the State Central Committee was presented with the rules as passed through committee. The body voted to adopt the below rules:

  • Rule 2022-04 Crossover Voting
  • Rule 2023-02 Regarding Litigation
  • Rule 2023-03 Regarding Idaho Residency and Registered Voter Status of State Executive Committee Members
  • Rule 2023-04 Judicial Oversight
  • Rule 2023-05 A Rule to Modify the Method of Collecting the State Quota and to Correct Discrepancies in the Current Idaho Republican Party Rules
  • Rule 2023-06 Article XI: Electronic Meetings

Rule 2023-07 Amending Article II Section 2, as passed through committee, will be addressed by the full body at the 2023 Summer SCC meeting in June 2023. Rule 2023-08 Idaho Republican Party Platform Enforcement will be referred back to the Rules Committee at the 2023 Summer SCC meeting.



The next order of business was to pass resolutions in order to better inform party policies and platform. These resolutions are meant to serve as a framework for the party going forward, to ensure that its beliefs and platform reflects the values of the party members and citizens of the state. Among the resolutions that passed was Resolution 2023-03 opposing Ranked Choice Voting. The body voted to adopt the below resolutions, which can be viewed on our website at http://www.idgop.org:

  • 2023-03 Resolution Regarding Ranked Choice Voting
  • 2023-06 Resolution Regarding Minor Sex Reassignment
  • 2023-28 Resolution asking for the practice of holding bills in the drawer by Committee Chairman, in the Idaho legislature, be stopped and every bill should be heard and voted on by committee
  • 2023-22 Resolution in Opposition to a four lane freeway in the Island Park Caldera

The remaining resolutions as passed through the committee will be addressed at the 2023 Summer Meeting.

At the conclusion of the winter meeting, the Idaho Republican Party had accomplished much, having outlined and agreed on new regions, rules, and resolutions. The next step is to carry out these policies and initiatives to the benefit of the state and the Idaho Republican Party.

Thank you very much for your time and commitment to the Idaho Republican Party!

Dorothy Moon

Chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party


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