(IDGOP Press Release, February 2, 2023)

The Idaho Republican Party was pleased to send our three RNC voting members to the 2023 Republican National Committee Winter Meeting this past week. Delegates gathered in Dana Point, California to pass resolutions, elect leadership and set the future goals and policies of the national organization.

The race for RNC Chair was contentious, with the three announced candidates offering differing perspectives on the direction the Republican Party should take. Long-time incumbent Ronna McDaniel promised to stay the course with the national organization’s recent trajectory, advocating for the use of data to ensure institutional excellence and emphasizing financial stability. However, challenger Harmeet Dhillon drew attention from the grassroots with her vision for change. Dhillon spoke on the need for accountability and significant restructuring in light of several cycles of electoral defeat.

Despite suffering significant setbacks in the last election cycle, the Republican National Committee chose the status quo rather than push for changes that could lead to more success. Ronna McDaniel emerged victorious by a significant margin and will resume her leadership role as Chair of the RNC for her fourth term. Drew McKissick of South Carolina was elected to serve as the new Co-Chair after several rounds of voting. K.C. Crosbie from Kentucky will be the new Treasurer, and Vicki Drummond from Alabama will continue to serve as Secretary.



Important work was accomplished during the winter meeting, including the passage of a resolution that opposes the implementation of ranked choice voting. The RNC resolution will put the Republican Party firmly on record as being against this type of voting, and send a message to states that this system of voting will not be accepted by its members. The RNC resolution against ranked choice voting reinforces the Idaho GOP’s own resolution opposing ranked choice voting that was passed at our State Central Committee winter meeting on January 7th.

The RNC adopted a total of 8 resolutions at the meeting last week, including:

  • Idaho Freedom Foundation

    Resolution to Hold President Biden Accountable for the Border Crisis

  • Resolution to Officially Oppose Ranked Choice Voting across the Country
  • Resolution Honoring and Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Congressman Don Young
  • Resolution to Oppose all forms of Antisemitism, Antisemitic statements, and any Antisemitic Elements that Seek to Infiltrate the Republican Party
  • Resolution Honoring the Life of Dr. Ada Fisher
  • Resolution Affirming the Republican National Committee’s Commitment to Life
  • Resolution Urging the United States to Shut Down any Type of Chinese Police State in the United States
  • Resolution Encouraging the Ban of TikTok on Federal Devices and Discouraging the Use of TikTok on Private Devices

Idaho GOP Chairwoman Moon returned to Idaho eager to continue the important work we are doing here in the Idaho Republican Party. The hardworking men and women of our state are used to trailblazing a different path. This will be no different here.

Regardless of what the National party does — or does not do — our work here in Idaho continues. The Idaho GOP will remain committed to advancing policy that protects your families, your religious liberty, and your fundamental freedoms.



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