February 21, 2023

PragerU’s Executive Director, Allen Estrin, has announced the launch of a new video series focused on the American Presidents.  The announcement reads:

In honor of Presidents’ Day, PragerU is launching a new 5-Minute Video American Presidents series. There is no better way to learn American history than to learn about the Presidents of the United States.

Fewer than 50 men over the course of two and a half centuries have held the highest office. Each one was the most important figure in his day. And yet, how many can you name? How much do you know about any one of them? Understanding who these men were, their accomplishments, and their failures will give you a better understanding of American history.

New American Presidents videos are releasing every month. Get started today by watching PragerU’s new American Presidents series.

The videos are available on PragerU’s website, here.



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