February 23, 2023

Boise–Yesterday, the Idaho Family Policy Center posted a list on their website of “nearly thirty cities with either a public school and/or public library where pornographic books can be accessed by children.”  The list includes communities across the state:

In the article that accompanied the list, IFPC also proposed a “statewide policy fix”: passage of the Children’s School and Library Protection Act, which they say “would stop public schools and community libraries from distributing pornographic books to minor children.”  They have summarized the bill on the flyer below.

The full bill can be read here.



  1. You should add Pocatello’s Marshall Public Library to the list. At a Library Board meeting earlier this week, this issue was discussed along with the Drag Queen’s reading time with children. The supporters of the Drag Queens and their outrageous reading materials and their behavior so far outnumbered those who opposed their materials that some of us really felt a bit overwhelmed. God bless all who stand up for the parents and the families of those children who are at risk.

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