March 2, 2023

By: District 31 Representative Julianne Young

Idaho Representative Julianne Young (Photo Credit: Julianne Young, FB)

I want my constituents to stay informed and up to date! Here is some of the latest news about things we are working on here at the Capitol.

HB 61- Telehealth Access for Idaho 

I sponsored this bill providing for interstate mental and behavioral telehealth. Our country has seen a 32,059% increase in the use of telehealth to receive mental and behavioral health services from 2019-2020. This access will be terminated once we return, post-pandemic, to enforcing Idaho’s existing statute.  This bill will provide Idahoans with continued access to mental and behavioral health services by allowing licensed providers from out of state to give care by phone and Internet. On Tuesday, this bill passed the Health and Welfare Committee unanimously. It should have vote on the House floor this week and head to the Senate.

HB 163- Parental Bill of Rights 

This bill protecting parental rights in Idaho public schools passed the House overwhelmingly on Monday. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Judy Boyle and spearheaded by Superintendent of Public Instruction Debbie Critchfield. It ensures parental rights to reasonably observe school activities and be informed about the school’s curriculum and services. It also ensures that parents are notified if school personnel observe significant changes in the students mental or emotional health.  It is vital that we protect the rights of parents and increase school transparency.



SB 1024- Clarifying the Power of the Commission of Pardons and Parole 

This bill passed both the Senate and House unanimously. An Idaho Supreme Court concurring opinion in Pizzuto v. Idaho questioned the statutory power of the Commission to commute or pardon a sentence of death or life without parole. This bill clarifies that the Commission has the power under Idaho law to grant commutations and pardons for these sentences, subject to the Governor’s approval within thirty days.

HB 193- Essential Caregivers 

I introduced this bill to protect essential caregiver status for spouses and family members. It clarifies that patients have a right to in-person visitation from their essential caregivers. This bill is still working its way through the Health and Welfare committee and will have a hearing in House Health and Welfare this week.

SB 1062- Annexation 

This bill simplifies Idaho’s annexation statute. It standardizes use of terms, requires proper notification to counties, public hearings before city councils, and provides a clear landowner consent threshold. This bill is currently making its way through the Local Government Committee.





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